Automated Plsamid DNA Giga|Mega|Maxi|Midi|Mini Prep.
Automated Plsamid DNA Giga|Mega|Maxi|Midi|Mini Prep.

Automated MMG System

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*** Automated Maxi, Mega & Giga Scale Plasmid Prep ***

Fully-automated, two-channel, benchtop instrument for walk-away maxi, mega and gigaprep plasmid purification

The PhyNexus AutoPlasmid MMG is the industry’s first and only fully-automated benchtop instrument for transfection
quality plasmid purification at the maxi, mega and gigaprep scales. 

The automated two-channel instrument delivers a robust and flexible solution capable of working with LB or TB media, one-touch or customizable methods, and delivering maxi, mega or gigaprep scale transfection quality plasmids. 

The AutoPlasmid MMG allows research laboratories to increase productivity of lab specialists, improve results through automation, and remove the tedium of manual plasmid preps. 

The AutoPlasmid MMG takes about 5-10 minutes to set up, then hit “start,” and walk away until your plasmids are ready.