Flowbot ONE optimizes your lab processes
Flowbot ONE optimizes your lab processes

☞ Why consider flowbot ONE?

Why consider flowbot ONE?

You'll experience a pipetting robot which is:
○ Easy and intuitive – to learn and to use
○ Flexible and adaptive - to plasticware and pipette tips

It offers you:
○ Immediate operation – from installation to operation
○ High quality - in operation and in use

It allows for:
○ Remote installation

And it's also:
○ Affordable and low cost in use

Book your online customized flowbot ONE demo today:
- or send an email to our dedicated team at sales@flow-robotics.com and together we'll find the right solution for your lab.

Read about how our users experience using flowbot ONE: https://lnkd.in/d6p2pWM

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