Flowbot ONE optimizes your lab processes
Flowbot ONE optimizes your lab processes

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Do you consider automating your liquid handling workflows?
Here are a few reasons why it makes perfectly sense to do so:

Reproducibility: automation does it the same way every time - higher precision and accuracy in operating while the risk of human errors is minimized as well.

○ Productivity: free-up time to do great science while flowbot solves repetitive pipetting tasks.

○ Physical stress symptoms alleviated: less handling of manual pipettes will alleviate any concerns of physical stress caused by repetitive movements.


And here are a few reasons why flowbot ONE is a great choice:

○ Intuitive and easy to use: learn to use it in an hour and set-up protocols in minutes.

○ Flexible and adaptive: flowbot ONE uses any pipette tips and any labware.

○ Shortest installation time: run your workflow at the same day of the installation!

○ Low investment: an affordable system with the lowest operating costs.

Want to hear more about flowbot ONE and understand how your workflow can be automated, 

book a demo here: https://lnkd.in/dp69bh8