Flowbot ONE optimizes your lab processes
Flowbot ONE optimizes your lab processes

Why choose flowbot ONE?

Learn to use it in one hour

Flowbot ONE is easy to learn and requires no previous experience with pipetting robots

No installation

As flowbot ONE is controlled using an Internet browser, no program installation is required.

Fits into your lab

Components, tubes and vials in your lab can be used in flowbot ONE – no need for buying robot consumables. In addition flowbot ONE runs with normal pipette tips (Sartorius, Eppendorph or Finntip).


Program specification and execution logs can be saved and printed for documentation and review.

Share with colleagues

Share programs, liquid classes and components with your co-workers - an unlimited number of users can be set up.

Calibrated pipette modules

An accredited lab ensures precision and accuracy of the pipette modules before delivery and does periodical calibration.