e-BLOT Touch Imager_Western Blot Imaging System
e-BLOT Touch Imager_Western Blot Imaging System

e-BLOT Touch Imager_The World’s 1st Contact Imaging System

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Touch Imager

The World’s 1st Contact Imaging System

The first electronic film imaging system for Western Blot     
Insures the highest efficiency in signal capture by direct-contact imaging

Revolutionary Imaging Technology

After 8 years in development, the revolutionary contact imaging technology is seen on the Touch Imager, which sets the standard for western blot imaging systems.

Ultra-Sensitivity For Desired Accuracy

By expanding the imaging chip by 130 times and improving the sensitivity by 100 times, the Touch Imager provides clearer images to help researchers see and discover more.

Red Dot Design Reward

Reddot has awarded the Touch Imager the Red Dot Design Award in 2018, noting its capability to translate complex technology into a simple design language.

Specialized Western Blot Imaging System

Western blot as a classical protein quantification technique has been preceived as the golden standard for protein expression studies and has become an essential experiment for every molecular biology laboratory. However, the development of western blot technology has been very slow, among which the imaging detection technology has suffered from stagnant development for over 20 years.

The earliest imaging method adopted was DAB colorimetry, which had been eliminated because of its lack of sensitivity and quantitative range.

The chemiluminescence method was later emerged. There are 2 imaging methods used- darkroom filming and cold CCD imaging.

  • The darkroom filming method features a very limited quantitative range that makes accurate quantitation even impossible. Therefore it is gradually abandoned by scientists.
  • Nowadays the cold CCD imaging remains widely-used. The method replying on lens to fulfil the imaging process makes the imaging distance too long, plus the small-sized chip, thus resulting in even lower imaging sensitivity compared to darkroom filming. Its quantitative range is also too narrow to meet the increasing requirements of scientific researches.

Some people also try to use fluorescence imaging to do western imaging. Yet due to the fluorescence background interference of the film, fluorescence methods are far less sensitive than chemiluminescence methods, so they are also rarely used.

The revolutionary touch chemiluminescence imaging technology of e-Blot makes full advantage of the high sensitivity of the chemiluminescence method, overcomes many shortcomings of cold CDD imaging, and improves the imaging sensitivity, 2-3 logs higher quantitative range and efficiency, leading western imaging into a whole new era.