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New Technologies & New Products

Cell2Sphere : ready-to-use 3D-enriched Cancer Stem Cell Solution for drug compound screening.

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Cell2SphereTM is a ready-to-use 3D cell based assay for use in drug discovery, tumor biology research and cancer therapeutics.

Stemtek Therapeutics developed Cell2SphereTM to support ongoing research and drug discovery in pharmaceutical labs. The assay-ready 3D cell culture plate is specially designed for in vitro testing on cancer stem cells allowing researchers to test physiological morphology, gene expression and functionality on three dimensional tumor cells while reducing development costs during compound testing.

Using a patented scaffold-free technology StemTek develops made-to-order tumor spheroid cells grown on ultra low-adhesion plates. This simple and cost effective method of identifying, storing and delivering tissue culture was created in response to growing demand for 3D based assays in cancer stem cell research.

Cell2SphereTM, spheroid tissue culture plates are a scalable solution for High-throughput screening (HTS) and detection of phenotypic or genetic changes in the search for therapeutic compounds to treat cancer.


Created specifically for cancer drug development labs.

Easy-to-use 3D cell based assay comes with tumor spheroids derived from cancer stem cells in breast, pancreas, colon, brain, lung, prostate, ovarian and more cancer cell lines coming soon.

Can accommodate custom cell lines, PDX-derived and primary human cells.

More accurate screening, 3D spheroids offer researchers increased biological relevance than 2D. monoculture samples by recreating human tumor cell biology to improve drug screening results.

Storable, delivered flash frozen and ready for use or cold storage.

Save on development costs in identifying lead molecules for drug screening while improving predictability of compound efficacy.

Integrated into laboratory testing and scalable, facilitates drug discovery process and speeds time to clinical trials while reducing false positive