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Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand™ Library for Screening

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Screening & Custom Affinity Adsorbents

Custom Adsorbent ( Discover, Develop, Deliver…)


At Astrea Bioseparations Ltd (‘Astrea’) we have been pioneering design, development and manufacture of affinity purification technology for lab-scale and industrial-scale bioprocessing since 1987 and now have over 30 years’ experience in the development of affinity products and design of new custom adsorbents.

We offer an extensive range of off-the-shelf Bioseparation products for the recovery and purification of biologicals as well as purification services including bespoke custom designed chromatography adsorbents, process development and in silico modelling applications.

We understand that early stage application of affinity chromatography in downstream processing is very advantageous with the potential to increase yields and reduce the overall cost of goods.

While protein engineering technologies are producing increasingly diverse therapeutic proteins – whole molecules, fragments, fusion proteins – advances in bioprocess development are enabling their production at industrial scale.

Along with these developments is an increase in the demand for sufficiently robust synthetic affinity ligands with appropriate protein binding selectivity as primary capture affinity adsorbents.

Custom Adsorbent ( Discover, Develop, Deliver…)

In the absence of suitable existing ligands, the development of completely new ligands has analogies with the development of novel drug compounds and the computational techniques used in the search for novel drug compounds have been adapted and used by Astrea to inform a number of stages in the affinity ligand design process, and to gain an understanding of both the target protein and adsorbent interactions.

We have extensive knowledge of in silico modelling techniques, successfully applying its bioinformatics modelling suite to identify lead candidate adsorbents in a variety of projects. We use a range of techniques within a custom ligand discovery program, including:

  • Diverse or focused ligand selection from virtual ‘chemical space’ (Chemical Combinatorial Library CCL® ~100,000 triazine based ligands).
  • Evaluating potential binding sites using structural/functional importance and blind docking ‘roaming’ of ligands to target protein (using crystallographic information).
  • Screening designed combinatorial libraries to further explore surrounding chemical space of lead screening hits.
  • Rapid screening of extensive Peptide libraries now extending our ligand library to in excess of 1 million ligands.
  • Investigating the effects of support, spacer arm and surface chemistry on binding interactions by molecular dynamic modelling.

Once a suitable ligand has been identified we can then move onto adsorbent development, where the focus is on optimising the capacity and use of the adsorbent. Tech transfer then allows us to transfer adsorbent manufacture to our production facility, where we can produce up to 1,000L batches all under GMP conditions. We can also deliver the custom adsorbent pre-packed in GMP Ready columns.

To find out more about our Custom Adsorbents please view our brochure Custom Adsorbent Development or contact us at

Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand™ Library

Whilst the above approach can give rise to a very selective affinity adsorbent, if time is a major consideration, we have now made available a Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand ™ Library (MMM Library) which provides a diverse library of 96 ligands which can be used to ‘short-cut’ the above ligand development programme. So now you can perform the initial phase of screening in house speeding up the ligand selection and also avoiding the need for potential protracted contractual discussions.

An easy to use, rapid screening toolbox the MMM Library can be used to identify chromatography adsorbents for a wide variety of applications, including both product capture and polishing. No sample conditioning required as you should select the ligand that binds under sample conditions, thereby eliminating the need to adjust sample with risk of product loss.

Key Features of the Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand™ Library:

  • Rapid screening toolbox
  • No sample adjustment required
  • 96 different ligands designed based on structural diversity
  • Proven technology
  • Cross linked agarose base matrix
  • Cost effective & easy to use
  • Universal platform
  • Robust & stable adsorbents
  • Scalable technology


A multi-mode Mimetic Ligand™ library in a 96-micro column block format (PuraPlate™) that can be screened in chromatographic (flow-through) mode. The library comprises a diverse array of stable synthetic ligands attached to a high-flow agarose support. The ligands incorporate combinations of functional binding groups including anionic and cationic groups, polar groups, apolar groups and other specific chemical functionalities, all of which have been pre-selected on the basis of their proven ability to interact with roteins. The size and shape of these ligands imparts selectivity to the binding interactions.

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