oCelloScope Live-Cell Imaging System
oCelloScope Live-Cell Imaging System

Flow-cells w/ oCelloScope to study non-static kinetics and morphology in fungi, bacteria and biofilm


You can now use flow-cells with your oCelloScope to study non-static kinetics and morphology in fungi, bacteria and biofilm 

Last week we set-up flow experiments using a new flow-cell, and a microfluid pump connected to the oCelloScope. We  tested it on both a mixed culture biofilm and fungal spores. We tested flows of 75-400ul/min and this did not flush out bacteria or fungi.     

The data from any experiment with the oCelloScope comes as both images and time-lapse movie. We can choose to work with individual images to study morphology changes or we can do a further segmentation using our software. Making the software analyze the images we can get germination time, object area increase, longest path in fungal cell, branching, circularity and many more. We have some really nice data which we would always like to share. Please contact us to learn more about the oCelloScope - We are always here to help.




Evidence based research, product development and information are cornerstones of BioSense Solutions. We work continuously with our customers and partners in the scientific communities, supporting new discoveries documented through publications in respected international journals. Look at the references below to read the peer reviewed articles providing scientific evidence for the oCelloScope, and join us in a cooperation for generating and documenting new scientific findings.

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