TwistAmp® RPA Kits
TwistAmp® RPA Kits

PCRD Lateral Flow strips with RPA Compatibility : 특별할인 [2020년10월19~12월31까지 ]

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제품 직접 주문 : 특별 할인 프로모션[2020.10/19~12.31]


Lateral flow strips designed to simultaneously detect two amplicons labelled with DIG/Biotin and/or FITC (or FAM)/Biotin, with the addition of a control line. PCRD is a Nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassay (NALFIA), suitable for use to detect amplification products generated when using a TwistAmp® nfo kit in combination with a TwistAmp® nfo probe and labelled amplification primer. See our application note for further details.

PCRD lateral flow strips can be purchased directly from the manufacturer here.

A rapid nucleic acid detection solution

Abingdon Health’s PCRD nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassays (NALFIA) are for use alongside isothermal amplification techniques. Results are available in 10 minutes making them the perfect solution for rapid detection of nucleic acids for point of care testing in infectious disease applications, such as COVID-19.

State-of-the-art automation equipment allows for the manufacture of millions of test strips per month.

  • Ideal for the quick deployment of testing in response to a disease outbreak
  • Portable and compact, suitable for point of care testing
  • Easily incorporated into routine protocols with minimal training
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Available in housed cassettes (PCRD) or dipstick format (PCRD FLEX)