IMAPlate 5RC96
IMAPlate 5RC96

IMAPlate™ 5RC96 _ Starter Kit & Order Guide

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The start kit contains a user manual and all the necessary items for you to carry out parallel and simultaneous liquid transfer, analysis, reaction and assay in your laboratory immediately. The unique features of the IMAPlateTM 5RC96 make it a useful multi-utility miniature tool, with manual high throughput option, for your research project as well as your daily lab work. Please click here to find some useful information, application notes and scientific publications of IMAPlateTM 5RC96. (Photo of IMAPlateTM 5RC96 Start Kit with Type A Adaptor.)

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   Catalog No:                                Article              Contents
  NCL-STK-002 IMAPlateTM 5RC96 Start Kit with  type A adaptor  5 white IMAPlates;
1 type A reader adaptor;
user manual
  NCL-STK-003 IMAPlateTM 5RC96 Start Kit with  type C adaptor  5 white IMAPlates;
1 type C reader adaptor;
1 tool for adjustment;
user manual
  NCL-P5W-002    IMAPlateTM 5RC96 White  5 plates
  NCL-P5B-004  IMAPlateTM 5RC96 Black  5 plates
  NCL-P5T-006  IMAPlateTM 5RC96 Clear  5 plates 

   IMAPlateTM 5RC96       Liquid transfer        Absorbance
             White             √      UV-Vis-IR            -       √
             Black             √      UV-Vis-IR           √       √
             Clear             √             -            -       √